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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Red Flags

At most intersections there is some sort of traffic control. Sometime it’s a stop sign, sometimes it’s a traffic light or a policemen directing traffic. When we approach these intersections we have a decision to make, do we follow the laws or do we speed through.

Many times we’re in a rush, running late, sometime we’re just not paying attention. We run through these traffic control devices that were put in place for our protection and the safety of others, hoping to arrive to our destination in one piece. Taking that chance can be deadly for all on the road that day. We’ve all at one time or another ran a light or stop sign and nothing happen. But what about that one time when that child is crossing the street. Think if you and another person in the intersection are both running late or not paying attention. The outcome can be deadly!

Life is no different we have a traffic controller in our hearts and minds, it’s called a conscience. When we come to an intersection in life and there’s possible danger, our conscience flashes a red flag. We’ve never actually seen the red flag but we all know what it is. It’s that little something that says stop, do not enter or proceed with caution. Not heeding this eternal warning system we all have can prove to be just as deadly as running a red light. So many people are affected by the decisions we make that it is imperative that we respect the red flags in our life. After all, the red flags are only there for our protection and the safety of others. ~ Tito

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