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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Women in My Life

I lift weights, a fact that surprised my publicist. "You do?" she asked, politely. I answered, yes, and added, 'You probably can't tell can you?' She didn't answer. At least not right away.  

"You probably eat a lot of carbs."

'No,' I said. 'I eat junk.' And then I explained why I didn’t like regular food.

That's not right. I made excuses as to why I ate junk. I finally just blurted out, 'It's the women in my life...'

Oh, she was all ears at that point. She was probably waiting for me to blame my wife and my mother, but I didn't. Instead, I blamed Mrs. Smith (pies), Little Debbie, Dolly Madison and the Hostesses - those creamy-filled girls.

I probably should have blamed my lack of resistance when it comes to the 'women in my life.' It’s not ‘the women.’ It’s me.

Too often we blame people and things for what is clearly our problem. With me, it’s the junk food, but maybe with others it’s a lack of control with their tongues or temper; it could be a lack of control with substances like alcohol and drugs, and it could be something like working long hours over spending time with the family.

I admit to having a problem with the ‘women in my life,’ but until I admit that a lack of control is an issue, and take the necessary steps to solving that problem, guess what? It’s still a problem. Yes, I can exercise more often and vigorously but I don’t think that will help. I need to dump those chicks.

What do you think?

~ Tito




Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ten Fingers, Ten Toes

What is your quality of life? 

What does the phrase quality of life mean to you? Is it where you live, the car you drive, how much money you have in the bank? Does your marital status determine your quality of life?             

I say none of the above. When we come into this world the first thing our mothers and fathers did was count fingers and toes. Simple, but what if there weren't ten of each? All concerns about us at that time were our health, yep basic health. We just want to be able to function normally in our day to day live. I want to see and hear clearly. I want to smell pancakes in the morning and taste them too. I need to feel the, well, let's just say I need my sense of touch. At any rate when we come to the end of this journey called life the only thing that matters is our health. Go to any hospital ICU or Nursing home hospice unit. Nothing else matters. The ups and downs, gains and losses are just the scenery in this journey. Enjoy the ride, learn as much as you can and teach whenever it's possible. Quality of life is ten fingers, ten toes and everything working in between.    

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ready to Win

If you play the lottery, then you understand my dilemma. Here it is: I'm tired of having only one number in the Mega Millions game. One number. The same number or so it seems.

They say insanity is doing the same thing the same way expecting different results. I'm beginning to think I'm insane to play Mega Millions when I always get just one number. One number. The same number.

Frankly, I'm not trying to keep hope alive in this economy by spending my hard-earned cash on lottery tickets - just to get one number. Two numbers, now that I think of it, will only keep me playing and hopeful. Three numbers will make me feel like my turn to win mega millions is right around the corner. But, one number makes me feel insane.

At the end of the day, this isn't about playing Mega Millions and winning the lottery. Nope, this is about life and winning. The odds of me winning Mega Millions is one chance in 175,711,536. The odds of me winning the game of life are whatever I choose them to be.

I could have it in my heart to be a millionaire but if all I do is go to work and collect a paycheck for $500 per week, every week, all year, I won't be a millionaire that way. Face it, you live to work and work to live. The bulk of that paycheck insures I have a roof over my head, food, gas in the car, a car and everything I need to get to work.

The question becomes what do I need to do to become a millionaire? Do I keep doing what I do expecting a different result or do I do what I do and work towards my dream?

What if it is in your heart to become a doctor but you haven't finished college? You can keep hoping and praying that circumstances will change and you will finish your degree and apply to medical school or you can take a step of faith and do what you have to do to finish college. Sometimes that secure thing in front of us can get in the way of our dreams.

Sometimes we have to adjust and make sacrifices and look at the bigger picture.

How bad do you want to win?

Look at the president-elect. When he committed to running for president, he stayed focused and he did everything he had to do to win, even if it meant that he had to change the way the game was played. He won.

Hell, I think I'm going to take some of my own advice and change the way the game is played too.


Postscript: Okay, so I haven’t stopped playing the lottery, but I changed the game. I went to another area of town to purchase lottery tickets and decided to buy a ticket featuring a new game. Well, I instantly won $100. Joy, joy! Then I went to another store and bought a ticket for the same game and won another $100. Joy, joy, joy! Do I think I’ll always win when I play this game? Nope. All it did was renew my hope and refresh my insanity. I’m good for now. For now.